Life Under The Big Top

Local News

Kids often say they are going to run away and join the circus. Well, today I went under the big top to see what life in the circus is really like.

Is it the death-defying tricks? Or maybe it is the aerial acrobatics. Whatever it is, there is something about the circus that captures our imagination. The Zerbini Family Circus has dazzled audiences for almost 200 years and is currently performing at the Muskingum County Fair. For the Zerbini children, growing up in the circus was just part of everyday life.

Circus ringmaster, Melody Ramirez says,”With my family there was choice, a lot of the families you do if your dad is a juggler, your a juggler and we had the choice to go to school and do circus tricks. So we all explored everything.”

But it is not all fun and games. The performers practice for at least 2 hours everyday since some of the stunts are dangerous. The performers are not the only stars of the show, the array of exotic animals can steal the spotlight. The Zerbini Circus is the only circus to have Tatonka, a performing buffalo. The jewel of the show is the trained dog performance which features 11 dogs the Zerbini family resuced from shelters. Also, there are camels and pony rides available before or after each performance. So what makes the circus so magical?

“You know it is the oldest form of family entertainment, it is a fantasy you know a lot of people I hear always say oh you know I wanted to run away to the circus and here with our show it is a smaller tent, you are 3 feet away from the circus ring so you get to experience everything up close and it is a lot of fun,” tells Ramirez.

Whether you are 1 or 100, the circus is a great place to laugh and make some great family memories.

The Zerbini Family Circus is sponsored by Kroger and performs at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm everyday. Best of all the Circus is absolutely free with the price of Fair admission.