Libraries Closing on Sunday

Local News

The Muskingum County Library System will be shutting down all of its libraries on Sunday.

Because of decreased funding, all county libraries will be closed from August 16 to August 23. The library board estimates closing that week will save $41,000 and have the smallest impact on the public.

“Our reports show that fair week is historically the slowest week of the year for the libraries, so we felt that that would have the least interruption to public use of the public libraries,” says Blair Tom, public relations director Muskingum County Library System.

The library will also be shutting down services the community can use from home, because there will be no staff available to monitor the system.

“Our web site will be unavailable, e-mail, voicemail, our databases on the Web site, all of the resources that we share with the public,” he says.

The libraries will re-open Monday August 24. That’s when they will begin observing their new hours with the John McIntire Library opening an hour later at 10 a.m. and branch libraries will be closed on Saturdays.

If the libraries one mill levy passes in November Tom says he anticipates no future furloughs.