Last ZHS Graduating Class

Local News

Students headed back to the classroom all across the area today, but at Zanesville High School the first day of school held a special significance.

This year’s seniors will be the last class to graduate from the current 55-year-old high school on Blue Avenue.

“We talked with them about the fact that they carry this tradition along with them. They’re a Blue Devil, they’re going to be the last class to go through this building, so I think they understand the significance of it,” says Mark Ulbrich, principal.

Members of the class of 2010 say it hasn’t really hit them that they will be making history or that they’re even seniors for that matter.

“It kind of took all summer to really get in that mindset, to really fully understand that I’m at this point, but now that I’m here and now that I really see everything and see the respect and the privileges given to me, it’s kind of sunk in,” says Frank Joseph, senior.

“It feels great kind of the leader of the school. It’s just new, hasn’t really caught on yet, still feel like I’m a freshman it went by so fast,” says Tory Kelly, senior.

Depending on when construction is complete, next year’s graduating class may begin the year at the old building, but they will definitely be the first class to graduate from the new building.