Labor Day Fire Safety

Local News

For many people Labor Day will include grilling, but fire officials are sending out a warning to those cooking out this weekend.

According to the Division of State Fire Marshal, since the year 2000 more than 1200 grill fires have been reported in Ohio. They have caused more than $4 million in damaged and injured 53 people.

Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy says even though it’s the end of summer people still need to remember to be safe when using grills.

“I was reading in a bulletin this morning that I get from the Ohio fire chiefs that there was an explosion a couple people injured. Apparently a grill was leaking in some other area of the state, so those things can always happen and you know people get to changed bottles and they don’t check their connection and that’s when we end up with a problem,” he says.

Lacy says make sure grills are clean and at least ten feet away from any buildings. Also, never move a grill or add any type of starter fluid if it is already lit.

As the weather changes, Lacy is also sending out a reminder to residents who want to have backyard fires.

“In the city we require any permit to burn and that’s essentially a wiener roast permit. That’s just not a permit that you can come in and burn furniture and leaves and things like that, that’s strictly prohibited in the city.”

Permits will be available at the Zanesville Fire Department from October 1st to November 15th.