Heat Arrives in Time for Fair

Local News

The dog days of summer have arrived just in time for the start of the fair.

Temperatures have been reaching the lower 90’s, but it feels even hotter when combined with the humidity.

Community Ambulance Field Supervisor, Jon Hartmeyer says medics have been busy.

“Today, we’ve had a lot of heat related ailments coming through. People just getting overheated. They need to remember to drink water and stay well hydrated, ” says Hartmeyer.

Yesterday alone, medics treated 41 people for heat related injuries.

Hartmeyer says when you start to feel woozy, get in the shade.

“Under the Grand Stands is one of the most popular spots. There’s benches along the edge of the Secretary’s Office. It’s shady that people can sit in, and then some of the arts and crafts buildings up by the main entrance on the fairgrounds, ” says Hartmeyer.

He says it’s essential to drink plenty of fluids. He says make sure though to replace that pop with either water or a sports drink.