Healthy House Has New Info

Local News

The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department’s healthy home is back, but it has some new elements to it this year.

The healthy house was built, thanks to money from the lead poisoning prevention grant.

It helps recognize steps to keeping a healthy home, such as keeping it dry and keeping it pest-free.

“We have some new information about mosquitoes and lime disease. We have some more information about mold and mildews, carbon monoxide, safety issues, and of course, a little expansion on our information about lead-based paint, ” says Southeast Regional Resource Coordinator for Childhood Lead Poisoning, Kim Foster.

The healthy home shows possible hazards in the simulated home and ways to prevent them from happening.

“We hope that they’ll be able to go home and maybe recognize some things that they have in their home that they could make changes to. In the long term, make their health better, ” says Foster.

You can catch the healthy home at the fair in the Veteran’s Complex.