HB 260 Could Affect 2009 Elections

Local News

The state of Ohio may make some changes in this year’s election.

Today Martha Sullivan of Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s Office spoke to the Muskingum County Commissioners about House Bill 260. Sullivan says the bill will make elections more concise and save money for the state.

“One of the things in the bill is that the special elections for each year would be incorporated into the primary or general elections,” said Sullivan. “We can do away with special elections as a cost savings and only have special elections in cases where there are vacancies in office and we can do that by mail.”

Sullivan says saving money is something nearly every county needs to do and this is a good way to keep within budget. She says these changes would also benefit taxpayers.

“If there is a special election, usually it’s the entity that pays for the election,” she said. “If that special election is incorporated, the taxpayer money they would use to pay for it, would be a huge savings to taxpayers.”

Sullivan says after the 2008 election, an election summit and conference were held to evaluate how the elections went. She says the bill is a result of those meetings.

It is currently being looked at by a house committee.