Guernsey County Library Packed

Local News

The Guernsey County District Public Library’s circulation is up, even though it has been forced to make cuts due to lack of funding.

Library Fiscal Officer, Cathy Holt says more people are walking in and out of the building to use its public resources.

“As you came in the door, you probably saw all the Internet computers are packed, and there’s always people in here…always, ” says Holt.

Holt says many people can’t afford to have Cable or Internet in their apartments or homes, so they are turning to the library for information and entertainment, and Holt says the library is trying to make sure it’s not cutting into the programs it offers.

“There’s been some changes made to our children’s programming because that is one of our biggest things. We’re not by any means doing away with children’s programming, but i think folks will see a little bit of a difference, ” says Holt.

Holt says the library has made cuts to its supplies, it has laid off five workers with four additional layoffs coming, and it has had to shut down its Book Mobile.