Guernsey Cancer Society Celebrates 50 Years

Local News

Cambridge is celebrating a big anniversary tonight. The Guernsey County Cancer Society was established 50 years ago today.

Shon Gress, President of the Board of Trustees, tells of the group’s inception,”The cancer society was founded by a group of concerned individuals fifty years ago who saw there was a need, due to the local rate of cancer, to help families and individuals diagnosed with cancer. “

The Cancer Society offers several different types of assistance to Guernsey County residents who are diagnosed with cancer. The four main areas of assistance are prescription drugs, transportation to the doctor, treatment and home care. The Guernsey County Cancer Society is supported by United Way and public donations.

President Shon Gress says the group is always looking for donations,”We actually, being around for fifty years, we have traditionally not done a lot of fundraising, but due to the recent economic times we are turning to the community once again to help in assistance. “

To celebrate the anniversary the Cancer Society had a party at the Guernsey County Senior Center with cake and a raffle. The grand prize is a 32 inch flat screen TV.

All donations are tax deductible and all the monies remain entirely within Guernsey County.

Mail or drop off donations at:
927 Wheeling Avenue, Suite 205
Cambridge, OH 43725