Genesis Holds Appreciation Day For Coal Miners

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According to the Department of Natural Resources there are more than 1,600 people mining coal each day in the state of Ohio.

The Genesis Black Lung and Respiratory Center held a coal miner’s appreciation day. The event was open to past and present coal miners and Genesis expected a crowd of around 300 people. Respiratory and health screenings were free and available to everyone in attendance. But many came to listen to the esteemed speakers.

“We have got speakers from the United Mine Workers, we have a speaker from the US Department of Labor’s Black Lung Program. We have an attorney, Tom Johnson, who came from Chicago to talk about applying for black lung benefits from a legal perspective, we have a physician from OSU’s hospital, Dr. Philip Diaz, who is going to be talking about the medical aspect of lung disease and black lung,” tells Phil Styer the program administrator of the Black Lung’s Clinic Program for the Ohio Department of Health.

Jack Milligan grew up in a mining family and mined the hills for 41 years. He says it is great that Genesis is doing something like this for the coal mining community. He, like many others, came to get his health checked.

“Just basically to find out about how their health is, it helps us find out about our blood sugar, a lot of us are black lung recipients so we need to come out and check and see how everything is going,” says Milligan.

The Department of Labor was in attendance to discuss the federal Black Lung Program. Miners were able to fill out the application and ask questions in person.

If you missed the event today and want information about respiratory services or black lung call:

1-800-322-4762 ext: 4063 Genesis Respiratory Clinic

740-454-4063 Michele Newton Grant, the administrative consultant with Genesis Black Lung and Respiratory Clinic.

Website for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Katie Jeffries