Food Safety Education Month

Local News

Labor Day weekend is almost here and for many people that means a barbecue.

September is National Food Safety Education Month and the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department wants to make sure no one gets a food borne illness from their cookout.

“Three things that they want to make sure that they’re doing properly when they’re grilling out are going to be cooking foods to proper temperatures, also holding foods at at proper temperatures and avoiding cross contamination,” says Matt Hemmer, Public Health Sanitarian.

Cold foods should be kept 41 degrees or lower and hot foods need to be 135 degrees or higher.

It’s also important to make sure the food you buy comes from a source approved by the Health Department.

“Basically there are guidelines in place for stores, such as this supermarket, to make sure that the food is wholesome and in good quality when you get it, as opposed to getting food from unknown sources that you may or may not know the quality of,” he says.

Hemmer says the most important thing everyone needs to remember is to wash your hands to prevent food contamination.