Flocking to Pool from Heat

Local News

Local area pools are seeing something they haven’t seen most of the summer…high pool attendance.

The heat is driving people into the water to enjoy some of the hottest days we’ve seen this summer.

“Honest to God, I would rather see it like this, then dead because the day goes much faster, the kids are having fun, and that’s why we’re open, for the kids. That’s why we’re open, ” says Crooksville Municipal Pool Manager, Amy Bankes.

17-year-old Michelle Craig was at the Crooksville Municipal Pool this afternoon.

“It’s something to enjoy on a hot summer day when there’s nothing better to do, ” says Craig.

What about lifeguards? Do they get a chance to beat the heat?

Bankes says the policy the Crooksville Municipal Pool follows helps lifeguards from getting too exhausted.

“Guards sit for 15 minutes. In the chair for 15, out 15. So, they alternate back and forth. So, they don’t get hot, plus they’re in the pool most of the time, ” says Bankes.

The lifeguards and kids didn’t seem to mind the heat. In fact, Bankes says they’re welcoming it.