Faces of Adoption: Tylor

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A few weeks ago this month’s Faces of Adoption Child wouldn’t have a thing to do with horses, but now this talented teen can’t get enough of them.

If you knew Tylor three weeks ago seeing him ride a horse would have been the last thing you’d thought he’d be doing.

“When I left him at the foster home he wouldn’t eve pet the horse,” said Permanency Planning Specialist Melanie Jones.

“I moved into a new home and they have horses and they were like you want to ride, they said it’s really fun and I said sure. So, I just gave them a try and I liked it,” said Tylor.

But, on this day at KD Guest Dude Ranch in Adamsville, with a little help he was soon rustling up cattle.

“When I saw him on the horse like a pro. I was like what happened,” exclaimed Jones.

It just one example of this 13-year-old’s resilient nature.

“He’s had a lot of moves. It seems when Tylor tries and gives his heart something happens, explained Jones. He really needs that dedicated family.”

And if Tylor get his way, one that will be there to support his dream of one day becoming a marine.

“A family that like to have fun,” said Tylor. “That will always be there and love me and care about me.”

“I think what works really well for Tylor is that he responds well to a strong female mom. Tylor does love the male bonding and he does have a younger biological brother that we would like to maintain contact with.”

Besides riding Tylor also likes to read, play soccer and video games and welcomes brothers and sisters. If you would like more information on how to adopt Tylor click here.

Nichole Hannahs
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