EAA Helps Kids Take Flight

Local News

Local kids have a chance to take flight this Saturday at Riverside Airport in Zanesville.

The Experimental Aircraft Association will be taking kids age eight through 18 on a free flight as part of their Young Eagles program.

“We feel it’s important to give kids the opportunity to actually fly in a plane, know what it’s like so they don’t have a fear of it. Also, we’re trying to give them some information on possible aviation careers and also possibility that some of them may want to actually fly for sport,” says Paul Workman, EAA.

The EAA has taken recently taken more than 100 kids on a flight in a day. Attendance has been up since they’ve been Zanesville City Schools have been encouraging students to participate.

“The feedback we had from them was just great. So we want everybody to get a chance to do that and this Saturday looks beautiful, so I hope everybody, I encourage everybody, just to come down and try it out,” says Kevin Appleman, Zanesville City Schools.

The Young Eagles flights will coincide with the EAA’s fly-in pancake breakfast Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Riverside.

To sign your child up to participate in the program click here.