Drivers Need to Watch Out for Students

Local News

Summer is coming to an end and most students around the area will be headed back to the classroom next week. That means drivers need to be on the lookout for kids making their way to school.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is asking drivers to begin watching for school buses loading and unloading, and children who are walking to school.

“Usually students who ride their bikes to school or who are actually walking to school are more concerned with getting to school instead of their own personal safety and with the cooperation of the motorists, the parents and the students we would like to have a safe school year,” says Lt. Chad Neal.

Lt. Neal says students also need to be aware of traffic when making their way to school.

“They should be cognitive of traffic, make sure they’re crossing in crosswalks, make sure they’re walking in an area that’s away from traffic and just kind of be cognitive of things going on in the area where they’re actually getting on and getting off the school bus.”

The Highway Patrol will have officers stationed in school zones in the mornings and afternoons looking for speeders. They will also do ride-a-longs on buses to catch drivers who disregard school buses when their flashing lights are on.