Dangerous Heat in Cars

Local News

Getting into your car on a hot summer day, like we experienced today, can be down right uncomfortable, and if left out long enough, it can be dangerous.

“The outside temperature was 95 degrees. Inside a parked vehicle with the windows up, it was 126, ” says AutoZone Parts Sales Manager.

Bradford scanned the temperature in our vehicle after it had been sitting in the parking lot for only 10 minutes. It clocked in at 107 degrees.

He says black cars heat up the fastest, and he says any metal in your car will heat up faster than leather or vinyl materials.

“It’s a good idea maybe to leave your windows cracked or have a window sun shade, or maybe even get your windows tinted is a good idea. Park in the shade if you can or a garage, ” says Bradford.

Bradford says you can pick up steering wheel covers or sun shades at most auto parts stores to help deter some of the heat, and he says it takes about three or four minutes to get cold air streaming from your air conditioner if it’s working properly.

So, Bradford suggests not leaving your pets, kids, or anything perishable in you car, even for a few minutes, when things start heating up outside.