Convers Avenue Fires Coincidence

Local News

Zanesville Fire investigators say two recent fires on Covers Avenue are not connected.

A fire Saturday afternoon that started in the basement of 706 Convers and a fire that started in the basement of 728 Convers Avenue July 23 were both accidental.

“It’s just pure coincidence. It’s just one of those things that happens sometimes, but there’s no relationship between any of the two fires. But like I said there’s still a little bit of investigating but at this point in time our investigators are sure that it was essentially an accidental fire,” says Chief Dave Lacy, Zanesville Fire Department.

Lacy says the earlier fire at 728 Convers was started by computer equipment. They’re still trying to pinpoint where the most recent fire at 706 Convers started.

“While we haven’t determined an exact cause yet, we have determined that it appears it was an accidental fire. No reason at this time to be suspicious of it,” he says.

Officials have estimated the damage from Saturday’s fire at $50,000. Firefighters were able to rescue two dogs from the blaze. Lacy says both dogs are now doing well.

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