Conley Faces 11 Charges/106.5 Years in Prison

Local News

Zanesville Police Department Detective Sergeant Ric Roush says an 18-year-old, responsible for shooting a ZPD Officer and his K-9 companion last night, is in the custody of the Canton Police Department.

He says Dominick A. Conley was caught this afternoon, around one p.m, by members of the Canton Police Department and the FBI Fugitive Task Force.

“Mr. Conley in 50 minutes of hell subjected himself to 106.5 years, ” says Muskingum County Prosecutor, Mike Haddox.

The Zanesville Police Department is saying Conley went on a one-man crime spree, lasting about an hour last night.

It all started around 8:15 p.m. in the 500 block of Indiana Street. Roush says patrolman Schiele saw Conley in town and knew there were two outstanding warrants on Conley for misdemeanor charges. They were a count of assault and a count of criminal damaging.

“He would be facing on the assault, that’s a misdemeanor of the first degree that be up to six months in jail, locally. Criminal damaging would be a misdemeanour of the second degree, which carries a penalty of up to 90 days in jail, locally. So, you were looking at nine months maximum, ” says Haddox.

Schiele decided to approach Conley.

“He attempted to stop the individual, tried to apprehend him, took him into custody for a short period of time. There was a struggle, the individual got away from the officer, at which time, the officer released his K-9 partner, Bosco, ” says Roush.

Bosco began chasing Conley. Roush says then the suspect turned around to fire two shots at Bosco-one in his leg and one in his back. He says seconds later Schiele was shot in his left leg.

Roush says moment later, Conley then fled on foot.

“He approached a 20-year-old female as she was getting into her vehicle, nearby the shooting scene, at which time, he basically carjacked her as well as her 10-day-old child, ” says Roush.

Conley held the woman at gunpoint at had her drive him to another location in the 12 hundred block of Dietz Lane. At that point, Roush says conley took off.

“He then committed a burglary to a residence, at a relative residence. At that point, he then left that residence and went to another residence. Basically, at that time, went into the residence uninvited, carrying a hand-gun, of course, and basically terrorized six individuals, ” says Roush.

Roush says that location, in the 11 hundred block of Lafayette Street, was the last place authorities saw or heard of Conley in Zanesville.

“We had been in contact with the Canton Police Department since late last evening after we received information that our suspect was hiding out in the Canton, Ohio area, ” says Roush.

No one was injured as Conley was taken into custody. Roush says he is cooperating with the Canton Police Department.

Haddox says Conley will be facing 11 charges, including a count of felonious assault against a police officer with gun specification and assaulting a police dog with gun specification.

“Bosco is not doing very well and may very well have to be put down if he survives. If Bosco dies, as a result of these injuries, the charge can be a felony of the third degree, ” says Haddox.

He also faces two counts of kidnapping with gun specification, a count of aggravated burglary with gun specification, and six counts of abduction with gun specification.

Roush says Conley will be transported back to Zanesville within the next couple of days.

Schiele was released from Grant Medical Center in Columbus earlier today. Roush says Schiele has been by Bosco’s side as his partner is being treated at the Ohio State University Veterinarian Clinic.