Conley Back in Zanesville

Local News

An 18-year-old who’s accused of shooting a Zanesville Police Department Patrolman and his K-9 partner is back in the city, and ZPD Chief Eric Lambes says Dominick Conley is being housed in the Zanesville City Jail.

“He was returned to town this morning, and he is now officially our prisoner, ” says Lambes.

Conley will be arraigned tomorrow morning in Zanesville Municipal Court and bound over to Common Pleas Court to face the 11 felony charges against him.

As for the officer Conley allegedly shot, Lambes says Patrolman Mike Schiele is doing o-k.

“He’s convalescing at home. You know, he’s very sore. He had a pretty drastic injury, but he is doing well. His main concern right now is for his dog, ” says Lambes.

Lambes says Schiele has been to the Ohio State University Veterinarian Clinic to check on his partner, and he says Schiele has been in constant contact with the staff there.

“Bosco’s condition is unchanged. He’s still showing signs of paralysis in the rear leg. So, we’re hoping he improves within the next few days, ” says Lambes.

Lambes says the entire department is concerned about Bosco’s return to duty or even the K-9’s retirement from the force.