Conley Appears in Court

Local News

The 18-year-old man accused of shooting Officer Mike Schiele and his K-9 partner Bosco appeared in Zanesville Municipal Court Wednesday morning.

Dominick Conley was arraigned on one charge of assault and one charge of criminal damaging, the two charges Officer Schiele was serving an arrest warrant regarding when the shooting allegedly occurred.

Conley pled guilty to those charges today in front of Judge William Joseph.

Judge Joseph deferred sentencing on those two charges to allow the grand jury to meet next Wednesday.

The jury will likely indict Conley on 11 felony charges stemming from Sunday’s shooting. Those charges all carry gun specifications and include: assault on a police officer, assaulting a police dog, kidnapping, abduction and aggravated burglary.

If Conley is indicted the case would be bound over to Muskingum County Common Pleas Court.

On Tuesday, Police Chief Eric Lambes says Conley assaulted a jailer after refusing to wear a required outfit for someone on suicide watch.

“He was very uncooperative because he didn’t wear a smock that they have to wear. It helps for, they can’t make a noose out of it, they can’t tear it, they can’t, he didn’t want to wear that,” says Lambes.

The incident is not likely to result in additional charges.

Chief Lambes says he doesn’t anticipate any more problems from Conley and he says he will be treated fairly at the jail by officers.

“Our jailers and our officers are professionals. They’re not going to do anything that’s going to look poorly against the department of jeopardize the criminal case against him.”

Conley will remain in the Zanesville City Jail on a bond of $2 million cash or surety.