Coach Holds “Empty Space” Meeting

Local News

The coach who has been camping outside Congressman Zack Space’s office took matters into his own hands Thursday… by hosting a public meeting that he said Space refused to host himself.

Coach Dave Daubenmire addressed a crowd of around a hundred people who are upset that Congressman Space has not held a public town hall meeting.

“It has become apparent to us that he is not going to come out and meet with us so we figured we would have what we are calling an empty seat town hall meeting. It’s where Zack Space could have faced his constituents but made the decision that he is not going too,” says Coach Dave Daubenmire.

Daubenmire told the crowd to stop venting to each other and take action. After seven days, he will no longer be keeping a vigil outside Space’s office and says he is very unsatisfied in the response from Congressman Space.

“I would say I am disappointed in him. From what I understand Zack Space is a fine man, the people who know him say very good things about him and it is just disappointing to me that he did not have the courage to come out here and stand here and listen to the people that don’t agree with him. But he has the moral and constitutional obligation to hear them and I am just disappointed in him that he didn’t do that,” explains Daubenmire

Congressman Space’s Chief of Staff, Stuart Chapman, said in a statement:

“Congressman Space respects Mr. Daubenmire’s passion and civic participation. But time and time again, Mr. Daubenmire has declined to take advantage of the very things he’s asking for. He rejected Congressman Space’s offer to meet with him personally. And, just this week, Mr. Daubenmire could not make the five-block trek to join the more than 300 people at a public town hall in Zanesville. Not surprisingly, Fox News on Wednesday couldn’t understand why he was clamoring for a town hall and yet didn’t show up for one. Maybe that’s why a lot of people are questioning whether he’s doing anything but using this opportunity to push his own agenda.”

“The Congressman was sorry that he couldn’t attend tonight’s event, but in his effort to reach out to the 630,000 other people who live in Ohio’s 18th Congressional District, the Congressman reached out to more than 60,000 seniors in Southeastern Ohio on Thursday night, people who have to make life-and-death decisions every day about their health care. When Congressman Space came into office, he committed to using every tool at his disposal to hear the needs of his hundreds of thousands of constituents, and he is fully committed to carry out that mission.”

Katie Jeffries