Changes at the BMV

Local News

If you’re headed to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get a new license you may be surprised to see some changes.

The photo will now appear on the left-hand corner of IDs and the ghost image will appear on the right side. Also, the card will now be a salmon color.

We spoke with drivers at the Zanesville Bureau of Motor Vehicles today who had a mixed reaction about the change in color.

“You have to use it for more than just driving. You have to use it for getting a job. You have to use it for going to the bank. I mean pulling out this pink sissy card. It’s embarrassing,” says Greg Carder.

Other drivers think the color change is a good idea.

“I like it. I think it’s more like younger kids, younger girls, will want to come get their IDs more often, so I don’t know, I think it will encourage people that have been waiting to get their to come and get it,” says Kelsey Mahon.

The BMV says the color change will make the ID’s harder to duplicate.

Other changes include numbering individual’s information lines to help law enforcement. There will no longer be a table of contents on the back. Also, there is an addition of a state of Ohio outline logo which will include the type of card the driver holds.