Bosco’s Daily Therapy Sessions

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Zanesville Police Department K-9 Officer Bosco is showing signs that he is gaining more motion in his legs, and Ohio State University Veterinarian Hospital staff members says they are impressed with how well Bosco’s physical therapy sessions are going.

WHIZ’s Emily Baird took a trip out to Columbus to see what Bosco is going through on a daily basis.

“He pretty much knows what’s going to happen when he sees the wagon come into ICU. He knows it’s time to go outside and do work, ” says Registered Veterinary Technician, Tracy Marsh.

It’s a different routine than Bosco is used to, but it’s one that has become all too familiar over the past week.

Bosco was taken to the Ohio State University Veterinarian Hospital late on August 23rd. The gun shot wounds he received to his back and leg caused paralysis to all four of his legs. Doctors determined it would be best to leave the bullets in Bosco’s body, and they immediately got him into physical therapy sessions the next day.

“At first, he didn’t like them so much. He would fight a little bit because he didn’t think he could do it. Now, as he’s getting more confidence, as you can see, he’s standing right now. He is loving coming outside, ” says Veterinary Clinical Sciences Associate Professor, Dr. Amy Butler.

The weather has been cooperating. So, Bosco is outside three times a day, every day, for his sessions that last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. Marsh says it depends on how Bosco is feeling.

“He kind of lets up know when he’s had enough for the session, and we’ll kind of move on to something else, ” says Marsh.

Marsh says Bosco either will just stop doing the exercise, get nippy, or whine. She says the staff members push him but don’t over-do anything.

“He gets rest between his major sessions for about two or three hours, and then he gets rest during his session for five, ten, fifteen minutes, ” says Marsh.

She says they’ve been doing a lot of exercises with Bosco, targeting different areas of his body.

“The range of motion exercises is for his mobility. The exercise ball that we use it to kind of get him going again, getting him upright and retraining him how to walk. We can kind of isolate the front limbs and the rear limbs to get them strengthened, ” says Marsh.

Bosco also gets muscle massages.

Marsh says Bosco is responding well to the therapy. He took his first steps on his back legs last Friday and she says he is gaining some feeling in his front legs.

Marsh says more importantly though, Bosco is gaining some confidence and he’s also making friends.

“We get attached to all of our patients in some way. So, these guys that we work with on a daily basis, we get very attached to, ” says Marsh.

“They love having him. Yes, we’re worried about him moving out of ICU. We want him to stay with us…(laugh), ” says Butler.

Butler says she anticipates Bosco will be out of the ICU ward by the end of the week.

I’m Emily Baird for WHIZ News.

Dominick Conley allegedly shot Bosco and his partner, Patrolman Mike Schiele nine days ago, when Schiele tried to serve Conley a warrant and take Conley into custody.