Bosco Responding to Therapy

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It has been nine days since Dominick Conley allegedly shot Zanesville Police Department Patrolman Mike Schiele and his K-9 partner, Bosco. Bosco was shot twice, once in the back and once in the leg.

He is currently recuperating at the Ohio State University Veterinarian Hospital.

WHIZ’s Emily Baird took a trip to check on Bosco, and she tells us why staff members are saying Bosco is making a great recovery.

“He’s ahead of where I’d thought he’d be. I did not expect this good of a response within just a week. He’s an amazing dog, ” says Dr. Amy Butler, a Veterinary Clinical Sciences Associate Professor.

Butler says Bosco has not had to undergo any surgical procedures.

She says he is going through intensive physical therapy, which started a day after Bosco was shot and found that the bullets in his body wouldn’t hinder treatment.

Butler says Bosco has been responding well to the therapy.

“He has gained a lot more strength in his front legs. He’s starting to move his front limbs around. He is taking good steps with his back legs. He still doesn’t know where his feet are, but he’s moving them well, ” says Butler.

The weather has been cooperating, and Bosco receives his therapy outside three times a day, every day.

Registered Veterinary Technician, Tracy Marsh, says the sessions can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how Bosco is feeling.

“Obviously, he’s doing much better on his hind limbs right now, so we’re going to kind of build on what he’s got going on there,” says Marsh.

Marsh says the ultimate goal is to get Bosco back up on his feet for good, so she says Bosco is going through a number of exercises right now.

“Our goals at this point are to maintain joint mobility, increase his circulation, increase his strength, and basically, just trying to decrease any pain he’s got going on right now, ” says Marsh.

However, Bosco still has a long road ahead of him. Butler says she and Patrolman Schiele agree that Bosco needs to have a good quality of life before he is able to go home, otherwise, he may have to be put down.

“He needs to be able to stand, walk on his own, and go to the bathroom on his own without assistance, and if he can’t achieve it, well, then we’ll have to reconsider, ” says Butler.

Yet, Butler says for now, with Bosco’s improvement, she doesn’t see any reason why he would have to be put down.

She says Bosco still has another three to six weeks of physical therapy left.

I’m Emily Baird for WHIZ News.

Tune in tonight at 11, to get a closer look at what Bosco goes through during his daily therapy sessions.