Bosco Carries Soldier’s Memory

Local News

Bosco is more than just a Zanesville Police Department K-9 to some local military families. He carries the memory of a young man who risked his life to fight for our country.

Zanesville Military Family Support Group Secretary, A.J Smidt, says members reached out to Corporal David Armstrong and his comrades back in 2007, by sending care packages overseas, but she says Armstrong never made a trip home again.

“When his tragic death occurred just prior to the end of his tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq, his family reached out to this community through their grief , and they started a fundraiser for the Zanesville Police Department, K-9 Department. “

Smidt says the group also helped contribute to the K-9 unit, which in turn, helped with the purchase of Bosco.

“Everybody had worked so hard in Corporal Armstrong’s memory to make this happen, and I just picture this scene. It was very unbearable, ” says Smidt.

Smidt says we need to continue supporting the K-9 unit to maintain safety within the community.