Book Mobile Shutting Down

Local News

The Guernsey County District Public Library’s Book Mobile is making its final rounds around the area.

It’s last day is supposed to be today, but the library’s Fiscal Officer, Cathy Holt, say that may be extended to the end of the week.

Holt says money is the culprit for shutting down the Book Mobile, and she says it’s a resource that will be missed.

“I think most people understand why we’re doing it. They’re not happy with us, but they understand-it’s not that we want to, it’s because our funding is cut. We just have to do the best we can with the money that’s coming in, ” says Holt.

Holt says the library doesn’t plan to sell the bus. She says it will be winterized and will stay at the library- just in case more money comes in, and the book mobile can be utilized during 2010-2011.

“It travels to all of our smaller communities throughout the county. It also goes to several nursing homes in town and elderly retirement apartment homes. They do actually stop, and people come out. They’ll take a bag of books in to people who aren’t able to get on the Book Mobile themselves, ” says Holt.

The Book Mobile also has serviced day care centers, nursery schools, Amish schools, and the Mennonite community.