Abundant Corn Crop in Ohio

Local News

The government says Ohio can expect a near-record harvest this year, but the crop is coming in a little later than expected.

“The corn crop was planted late this year, just because of moisture. We were just too wet to get into the fields when we’d like to, ” says Ohio State University Extension Programs’ Mark Mechling.

Mechling says most corn crops should be planted by May 11th. He says if it’s planted later, there’s some yield loss.

Mechling says buyers will benefit from this year’s large corn supply.

“Typically, when we have a large corn crop, prices go down, and that seems to be the case. It’s the case of a lot of supply and perhaps not as much demand as we’ve had in the past, ” says Mechling.

However, Mechling says farmers won’t be profitable this year. He says it’s because they paid a lot of money for fertilizer in the spring.