50 Years After High School

Local News

Rosecran’s High School Class of 1959 is celebrating its 50th Reunion with a weekend full of events around the city of Zanesville.

1959 Graduate Andrew Lang says the group gathered last night at the Barn for dinner, and tonight, after attending Mass, they gathered for a formal class reunion at the Zanesville Country Club.

Lang says more classmates attended this reunion than past ones.

“Seeing people who haven’t been here for the past two or three reunions. It’s really, really nice, ” say Lang.

Lang says it doesn’t seem like 50 years have gone by.

“Feel just like I was 18, ” says Lang.

However, some classmates couldn’t attend the class reunion, and 1959 Graduate John Herron says they were holding a memorial to the 14 Rosecrans 1959 Graduates who have passed on.

“That’s tough when you see their pictures. You know, they were here at our last reunion, and they’re not with us today. So, you have to appreciate the time you have, ” says Herron.

Herron says as far as wearing a name tag with his own high school photo on it…

“I said well, this is my mature look, but at least I’ve got my own hair and my own teeth, so… “says Herron.

The 1959 Graduates will be wrapping up the weekend with a breakfast tomorrow and a bus tour around Zanesville.