2009 School Report Cards

Local News

Even though school has just begun, the report cards are out, but not for students.

This time it’s the school’s themselves being graded.

The Ohio Department of Education today released report cards for schools around the state.

Kathy McCray of Zanesville City Schools says they were pleased with their scores and their continuous improvement designation.

“Our high school made 6 of the 10 indicators and they saw increases in each of the testing areas they participate in,” said McCray. “That’s a positive for us. that is a positive. We have a lot of work to do though, that’s not enough indicators and we realize that.”

Mccray says the state looks at the schools vaule of education as well as their performance index.

“They’re looking at how well students performed on each of the state tests that they take,” she said. “They’re looking at what their growth was over time, in that area we do have some work to do. Last year we had shown growth over time on the report card itself.”

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