163rd Fair Coming to Close

Local News

The 163rd Muskingum County Blue Ribbon Fair has come to a close, and Fair Board President, Darrel Cubbison, says despite some rough patches of weather, it was a success.

“Whenever I see full trash cans, and boys and girls smiling, having a good time, it’s all worthwhile as we worked to put this together, ” says Cubbison.

He says the highlight over the past couple of days has been how well the youth auctions went for the boys’ and girls’ projects.

“You wouldn’t think that maybe there’s a little downturn in the economy when it came to supporting those young people because it was just as good as usual, ” says Cubbison.

Cubbison says the vendors and exhibits will be gone by late tonight, and he says by tomorrow afternoon, you won’t even know the fair took over those grounds.