Cool Summer, Low Pool Attendance

Local News

While we have had some hot and humid days this summer, the majority of the time, temperatures have been at or below the average for this time of year.

The Dresden Pool has been feeling the impact of a cooler summer. Lifeguard Supervisor Raymond Rotella says pool attendance has been down and not as many people are venturing in the water.

“You get a lot of older kids. They come, and they just sit out-not necessarily getting in the water-but they just sit out and enjoy the sun. That’s kind of what we’re here for. You know, not necessarily just to get in the water but just sit out, relax, and enjoy being outside-away from school and everything, ” says Rotella.

Rotella says he hopes August has some hot days in store to round out the summer.

“We would like to have it 90 degrees and have more people come. We’ve had a nice summer, but we’d like to end on a strong note, ” says Rotella.

Rotella says the Dresden Pool hasn’t had to close its door because of the cool temperatures. He says the pool takes a “wait and see” approach to see who comes out first, and if attendance is low, it may close early.