Two Cases of a Bacterial Infection Reported

Local News

A bacterial infection has the Zanesville City Schools scrambling to make sure everything is clean as possible for the upcoming school year.

Dr. Vicki Whitacre of the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department says two cases of shigella have been reported at the Rufus Putnam School, in a daycare program.

“For some young people and for the elderly it can become very serious,” said Whitacre. “They may need to be hospitalized. There can even be deaths from this infection, particularly if they have medical conditions that would make them more at risk.”

Whitacre says the symptoms of shigella are diarrhea, fever and stomach pain. She says, since it is a bacterial infection, there is a serious risk of it spreading, which the school system hopes to prevent.

“We use normal cleaning procedures,” said Darell Lear of the Zanesville City School District. “We got information from the health department. We have everything cleaned and wiped down. All the knobs are wiped off daily with a disinfectant and the doors and drinking fountains and the restrooms are on board.”

Dr. Whitacre says if you think your child may have the infection, to keep them home and call a doctor.

She says, like many other diseases, this one can be stopped by washing your hands often, especially after using the restroom and before preparing food.