MVHC Receives Land Donation

Local News

A land donation is allowing the Muskingum Valley Health Centers to take another step toward a new facility.

Genesis Healthcare System donated the property where the health centers currently sit. The health centers will send in a grant application for the construction of the new building Monday and keep their fingers crossed.

“We looked at at least 15 properties within a two mile area,” said CEO of Muskingum Valley Health Centers Lisa King. “The site we’re on now is 2.1 acres, so it’s a big site. The building we will be building is actually a lot smaller than the building we’re in right now. The hotel right now has 60,000 square feet, we’ll be building about 26,000 square feet.”

King says the smaller building will be on the corner of their lot, right by Adair and Culbertson avenues.

She says it will allow for 70 new parking spaces and a more efficient building.

“Each of our exam rooms is the size of a hotel room, which is way to big,” she said. “It creates a lot of walking and the hotel hallways are fairly narrow and we have a lot of people trying to walk up and down the hall, so we will be able to operate a lot more efficiently in the smaller space.”

King says she thinks the health centers have a good shot at the $6 million grant. She says it’s part of the $500 million facility improvement program, which is under the federal stimulus package.

The centers will know in November if they will receive the money.