Lack of Rain Hurting Crops

Local News

This past July just missed the title of the driest July on record, but some late heavy rain has pushed it a little farther down on the list.

Schroeder’s Vegetable Farm Owner, Rick Schroeder, says the dry spell has been a challenge.

“I did some irrigation. Some of my friends did some irrigation. We pushed through, but we will feel an affect from the drought in production. It’ll show up in time here. It’ll shorten the season on some of the crops. It’ll make a short supply, and some of it will be a little more expensive than normal, ” says Schroeder.

Schroeder says the tomato crop is one of the ones most affected.

“Not only form the drought but form the cool night that we have. Tomatoes don’t like 50 degree weather, and we’ve had a lot of 50 degree evenings and nights. Basically, they like 70 degree nights, ” says Schroeder.

But Schroeder says the rain over the past two days has helped some.

“It will definitely help any later crops that we’ve planted, and it will revive, somewhat, some of the earlier crops, ” says Schroeder.

Schroeder says if the rain keeps up, it will help local farmers with the tending of their crops.