Final Summer Concert

Local News

The Zanesville Memorial Concert Band is wrapping up its summer concert series, and it went out with a bang tonight, having two special guests conduct two different pieces.

The band invited Capital University’s Director of Bands, Barry Kopetz, to lead the band through a piece he composed.

“I got on Route 40 early one morning back last summer and drove Route 40 straight from Columbus to Zanesville as the sun was coming up, just to get a sense of how that felt. Then jumped off and started doing the sites around the area…went to John Glenn’s home, went to the Y-Bridge, went to the Locks, just kinds of did a historical pass through the neighborhood, ” says Kopetz.

He used these sights to compose “Muskingum Portrait.”

Zanesville’s Mayor, Howard Zwelling, also took the podium to direct the final piece of the night “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Zwelling says it was an honor.

“About 60 years ago, I used to get on my bicycle from Convers avenue and ride down to McIntire Park, where the Zanesville Memorial Band, every Friday night, would put on a concert, ” says Zwelling.

The Zanesville Memorial Concert Band has been performing for more than 70 years.