County Purchases Downing Property

Local News

Muskingum County now officially owns the property behind the Child Support Enforcement building off the East Pike.

The county has been using the land for the building’s parking lot for years, but then discovered it wasn’t technically county property.

“The Downings brought it to our attention that this is something that they were paying real estate tax on and they could not understand. So when they did some further investigating they came to find out that this was missed in the original survey that should have been included at the time back when we purchased the property and it was oversight,” says Jerry Lavy, Muskingum County Commissioner.

Commissioners officially closed this morning on a deal to buy the property for $16,000.

“If not they could have barred the parking lot so that we could not park the employees and people coming there could not use it, so this is just to clean-up so that we totally own the property there now,” says Lavy.

The land purchased is three small parcels totaling less than an acre.