Church to Hold Annual Stuff Giveaway

Local News

The tables are piled high at North Terrace Church, and the “stuff” keeps coming.

The church is preparing for its 8th Annual Free Stuff Giveway this weekend.

Lead Minister Bill Meaige says they expect 1,500 people to come out for the event.

“It’s a great atmosphere,” said Meaige. “It’s almost like Christmas in August. People are happy to be getting this stuff. It’s right before school starts, with a lot of those clothing needs. It’s just a real happy event here.”

Meaige says the congregation was challenged to donate what they might otherwise sell in their own garage sales to the church’s event. He says it’s grown so much over the past few years, people outside the congregation donate their items.

“People in the community as well, they’ve learned what we do,” said Meaige. “People in the community will call us up and let us know they’ve got some stuff they’d like to donate, that also takes place. We have become a community-wide event to help those in need.”

The doors open Saturday at 8 a.m.

Meaige says they will only allow so many people in at one time. He says the groups will be given tickets for so many items.

After 10:30 the doors will close and re-open. At that time the event becomes a free-for-all, allowing those to grab as many items as possible.

What is left over will be donated to Goodwill and the Salvation Army.