Urgent Need For Type O Blood

Local News

The Red Cross always needs blood, but this time its urgent. The local supply of Type O-Negative has reached a chilling low of zero inventory.

27 counties make up the Central Ohio Blood Services Region, that includes the counties in our viewing area, as of Friday they’re asking those 27 counties for help.

“When Blood Services asks the local chapters to intercede, now whether were here, Coshocton, Newark- they recognize the fact that we need to be able to help them and they’re asking for it. We’ve got the contacts, we’ve got the local face, local people that know the community. It doesn’t happen that often, so we know that this is a serious situation because we know when o-neg is gone, we can’t deliver any and that is very serious.”

Only 5% of the population has what is to be considered the universal donor of Type O-Negative blood in them and when goals aren’t being met for donations for all blood types, that means Type O blood isn’t being donated as well.

“O-Neg and O-Pos together can be transfused into about 80% of the population, so that’s why its very important. When we start looking at an O-Neg deficiency out there where we don’t have any, then it becomes dangerous because surgeries and accidents, when you don’t time to type blood- that’s when they put O-Neg in and when its gone, that’s when the trouble begins.”

Summer time is the hardest time of the year for donations with vacations and kids being out of school, blood drive donation goals are hard to obtain.

“The difficulty comes in that this is also the worst time for needing blood because we have a lot of accidents, more people are on the road you know people are getting out, so it is a problem and running out of O-Neg blood is dangerous problem and we are hoping that folks roll up their sleeves, find the nearest blood mobile and help save a life.”

The Muskingum Valley Red Cross has four blood drives scheduled in the near future and is looking to add even more to fill the need. Executive Director Dan Hartman says an hour of your time can save up to three lives and if you would like more information on how and where you can donate you can call (740) 452- 2731.

Upcoming Blood Mobiles:
July 30, 2009 1pm to 7pm Walmart North
August 1, 2009 9am to 2pm North Terrace Church of Christ.
August 3, 2009 9am to 3pm Zane State College
August 6, 2009 1pm to 7pm St. Nicholas Elementary School