Health Care Cuts Might Hit Zanesville

Local News

The effects of the new state budget are being felt in a lot of different places. Nursing homes across ohio are scrambling to figure out how they will cope with loss of some funding.

The facilities will be looking at cuts of an average of 200-thousand dollars per facility, thanks to cuts in the state-level funding, and in medicaid “and” in medicare..

“naturally, the result of that is not going to be good for the resident,” said Stoey Stough, Vice President of Zandex Health Care. “Some of the essential services and medical equipment that federal or state governments are providing, will not be provided for in the future.”

Stout says things once funded by the government, like wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and certain therapies will no longer be paid for. The nursing homes will have to come up with the money themselves.

“things like the wheelchairs and oxygen, those are not big expenses,” he said. “We don’t expect a big impact there. With regard to the bed tax, there will be an impact to our facility, but that isn’t something that is overwhelming. We’ll be able to deal with that.”

Stout says Zandex Health Care in Zanesville will not be affected as greatly as other nursing homes. He says the facility runs leaner than most and doesn’t expect severe cuts or job layoffs.