G-Force Increases Local Guinea Pig Sales

Local News

Walt Disney’s G-Force isn’t just bringing in big bucks at movie theaters across the country, after its release last Friday, but Zanesville’s We Love Pets Employee Shadley Delancey says more guinea pigs are going home with buyers.

Delancey says guinea pigs are already one of the store’s top sellers, but he says the movie is bringing in even more sales.

“I know we started with about 10 last week and over the weekend, we just have one left, ” says Delancey.

Nonetheless, more guinea pigs are on their way. Delancey says the store is expecting another shipment of eight by the end of the day.

He says kids have been coming in with lots of questions about guinea pigs. Unlike the movie though, they don’t talk or use hi-tech gadgets.

“A lot of them just kind of hide in the huts. With them being babies, they are nervous. So, you go to pick them up, they will kind of run away. We just let the kids know that after you work with them for awhile, they will calm down and come right to you, ” says Delancey.

Delancey says if you take care of your guinea pig by changing its food and water daily, putting hay in its cage, and feeding it some treats high in Vitamin C, your guinea pig should live between five and 10 years.