ZHS Potentially Retire-Rehire 30

Local News

In another effort to save the Zanesville City School District money, the school board has come up with a plan.

It’s called “Retire-Rehire.” Superindendent of Zanesville City Schools Terry Martin says the program has the potential to save the district some serious cash.

“We would still be able to keep some top notch teachers that have great experience,” said Martin. “We would save money. If everyone eligible would retire, the district could save up to about $500,000 per year.”

Martin says about 30 people are eligible within the district for the retire-rehire program.

“Right now we’re working with both unions,” he said. “I think we’re getting closer on the terms of the conditions of it. I look forward to it being in full swing for the ending school year.”

At today’s board meeting Superintendent Martin and Dean of Students Howard Twiggs were approved for the program.

Martin says after negotiations the board will have to approve the program for the other eligible educators.

He says thus far the teachers he has spoken to about the program are all very supportive.