Zanesville Pottery Festival

Local News

Zanesville Pottery on the East Pike also featured various pottery companies during the week with their own festival.

Owner of Zanesville Pottery Kim Castor says not many companies are still in business. He says for something so important to Southeastern Ohio, that’s a shame.

“It’s a matter of the trends changing,” said Castor. “A lot of managements have gone out and the new managements are into more mass production and so forth. A lot of the artisans are almost a thing of the past.”

The Zanesville Pottery Festival featured local companies, including their own potter, andrew.

“Beaumont Pottery, Steel Water Originals, we have Andrew the potter, who is our in house potter,” he said. “We’ve had several vendors come and go all week. Beaumont Pottery, Burley Clay, we have another primitive vendor from Caldwell, just a little bit of everything.”

This is the 10th year Zanesville Pottery has hosted the event. Besides pottery, the festival featured music, games and food.