‘Tools for School’ Project Needs Supplies

Local News

Eastside Community Ministry in Zanesville is asking you to help area kids get this school year off on the right foot.

The “Tools for School” Project is collecting supplies through August 3rd before volunteers stuff about 800 backpacks.

Project Coordinator, Sally Ruggles, says the backpacks are filled individually. It’s based on the students’ and classrooms’ needs.

“It really is a community effort. The one thing that will be different this year is that we will not be helping kindergarten children. Pro-Muskingum is providing backpacks for all the area school kindergarten children, ” says Executive Director Bob Davidson.

Davidson says that allows Eastside Community Ministry to help a few more kids in higher grades.

Ruggles says support from the community and local businesses has been great, but supplies need to keep coming in.

“So, we need all kinds of supplies from binders to paper, pencils, crayons, markers…any type of school supply, ” says Ruggles.

Ruggles says just like every other organization, she’s worried how the economic situation will affect incoming donations.