Sulsberger Stadium May See New Addition

Local News

The Zanesville City Schools are seeing their share of changes, and soon, there might be another.

Before football season kicks off, Sulsberger Stadium may see a new scorebard.

The proposal was presented tonight at the Zanesville City School Board meeting.

“It’s LED and 20 mm,” said Zanesville High School Athletic Director Scott Aronhalt. “From the distance where it’s going to be, it will be like being in your room and watching a 60 inch plasma TV. The sound system we have in the stadium is more than adequate. There are so many things we can do with it and our limit will be our own imagination.”

Aronhalt says the board would allow the school endless options and a chance at revenue from advertisers.

“It just opens up so many opportunities for our students, not only to get involved in programming, but also it will be a unique experience to walk in the stadium and actually see time and score on the board,” he said. “At the same time you can see a national sales add running. It’s a lot of opportunities for the Zanesville City School District.”

Aronhalt says the board is part of the school’s second phase. He says they would also like to update the press box and visitors bleachers, however a formal approval is still needed by the board.