Stewart: “Budget Passed for Better, Worse”

Local News

Not everyone is happy with the way the budget turned out.

Some Republican lawmakers, like Senator Jimmy Stewart, say the budget passed “for better or worse.”

“In addition to school districts like West Muskingum who are going to get cut, we’re also seeing libraries getting over at 32% cut in their funding,” said State Senator Jimmy Stewart. “We’re the early learning initiative school readiness program is being practically eliminated. I just don’t understand what this administration is thinking.”

Stewart says he didn’t vote to pass the budget because there were many things he would change.

“One of the most glaring examples of where we could have done a better job is if the licenses for the slot machines in the race tracks had been competitively bid, we could have gotten a lot more money millions more,” he said. “We also could have also made some reductions on our spending on the Medicaid program by quite simply just being more efficient.”

Stewart says Southeastern Ohio’s schools and other learning programs will be severly affected by the budget cuts. He says it’s programs like these that prepare Ohio’s children for the future.