Rally For Health Care Reform

Local News

With President Barack Obama set to speak to the nation tonight about his top domestic issue- health care reform. Supporters of America’s Affordable Health Choices Act made their opinions known this afternoon in Zanesville.

Just a couple weeks ago, those in opposition of health care reform held a rally in front of Congressman Zack Space’s office, today those in support of the efforts had a different message for the Congressman.

“We’re out here to thank Zack Space for his support on the bill 3200, and ask him to vote yes on it. Health care is a huge issue, people don’t have the finances to pay out of pocket, they let utility bills go to pay for medical expenses, they let medications, testing, referrals that are necessary to keep them alive go because they don’t have the income to support it.” Says Site Director for Family Health Center Inc., Rachel Barnette.

Harry Fannin knows first hand the struggles and difficulties of having to decide whether or not to pay a bill or go to the doctor instead, because he doesn’t have the income to support it.

“There were some tests we had problems getting because there was a lack of income or the health care, since that time with the health center where I go now there is medication I need for my heart and without the sliding scale that they go by, the medication I am on for my heart I wouldn’t be able to take.”

While the act is facing opposition from both Republicans and Democrats in congress mostly due to its high price tag…A possible increase in taxes and the elimination of insurance options to name a few, Fannin and the others rallying today believe health care reform will happen sooner than later because Americans need it.

“There’s too many Americans that’s falling through the cracks, everybody assumes that there is a health care program to take up. But I think it is time we realize some people for us to have for my wife and me to have health care it would take more than what our income is to pay the payments.”

You can watch President Obama’s prime time press conference on the matter tonight (Wednesday) at 8:00pm right here on Whiz TV.