Pottery Week 2009 Winds Down

Local News

As Pottery Week winds down, some die hard pottery lovers seeing all they can see before going home.

Chiquita Prestwood has been coming to Zanesville for pottery week for 22 years. She says, even though it’s a long, 450 mile drive from North Carolina, it’s worth it.

“The pottery we all collect, McCoy Pottery, was made in the Roseville area and along with the pottery convention year, our McCoy group formed here,” said Prestwood. “This is where we come to every year, the same week.”

Prestwood says McCoy pottery was one of the companies out of Roseville and is important to Southeastern Ohio’s history.

“McCoy was probably the largest in this area, maybe the largest in the country,” she said. “They made a tremendous variety of different things. They maybe reached out in distribution farther than others. I think a lot of their pieces were real good personality pieces.”

Prestwood says she got into McCoy Pottery after her grandmother gave her a McCoy flower pot. She says she still has the piece, which is very common, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world.