OSU President Visits Zanesville Staple

Local News

While a lot of Southeast Ohioans can say they bleed ‘Scarlet and Grey’, that statement is no more true when it comes from one man in particular.

That would be The Ohio State University President, E.Gordon Gee. As part of a personal goal to visit each of the 88 counties in Ohio, he spent his afternoon in Muskingum county today visiting a local Zanesville staple-Hartstone Pottery.

“First of all this is a great local industry, second of all they produce all of this wonderful Ohio state paraphernalia which is just fabulous! So, they sell our brand, our logo, all about Ohio State, all around the world and what a great statement about who we are.” Says President Gee. “I think its important for this University to plant its flag in every county, we do it through the extension, we do it through out community development program. But I think its important for the president of the university, this university, Ohio State University belongs to the people of the state and I should be here having an opportunity to learn what we should be doing as a university to support it, this county.”

He had the chance to see how all the Buckeye paraphernalia was made and even paint a few items himself. In fact, some of the pottery he saw today could wind up for sale in the universities new Student Union. At a time when most Ohio universities will increase tuition due to state budget cuts, OSU will continue a tuition freeze- perhaps increase enrollment, giving students from all over the world a chance to see that OSU pottery made right here in Zanesville.

“I think that we’re trying to make a commitment to the people in state during tough economic times that we’re going to be their friend, we’re going to be partners with them.” Says President Gee. “I certainly don’t want to tell other universities what they should do, but I do believe this is important for us in this time to all be together because the future of this state is going to depend on this great university so we need to make them even better”

When asked if President Gee saw anything he liked for his office, he said his favorite pieces were the Ohio State Buckeye pigs!