New Hocking College President

Local News

The Perry county Chamber of Commerce did its part to make the new president of Hocking college feel right at home.

A luncheon was held this afternoon to meet and greet Dr. Ron Erickson. He came from Minnesota and went through about 18 hours of interviews to become the technical college’s new president. Although he is excited for the school year to kick off, he says he still has a lot of listening to do .

“At the current stage its still just a phase in which I have to do a lot of listening, I have certain ideas in terms of where the college might go next. But I want to make sure that I hear the stories from the people first, to then sort of form my own vision for the future.”

One issue that will be discussed right away is a possible tuition increase and whether Hocking College will make the move now that the state budget allows an increase due to cuts.

“We are given the right to raise tuition during the upcoming year but registration is already underway. So we may have to delay that until the winter or spring quarters, so we’ll be going into planning very quickly to really asses really where we may have to make further cuts and where we may have to look for efficiencies.”

President Erickson went on to say the college will take the next year to plan for the cuts coming from the state before making any real cuts of their own.