Local Woman Breaks Triple Digits

Local News

After 100 years of life, one local woman is still helping everyone she can.

Juanita Mauk celebrated her 100th birthday today amongst friends and family at the Helen Purcell Retirement Community.

Juanita says even though she broke into triple digits, it feels the same as any other day.

“I can’t tell any difference,” she said.

Twenty-five years ago, WHIZ did a series of stories on neighbors helping neighbors and Juanita was one of them.

“She had a garden and she went to the store for all the neighbors and did a lot of things for the neighbors,” said Juanita’s son Jerry.

Jerry says to this day Juanita continues to help those around her, making sure they’re taken care of.

Juanita has a little bit of advice for a long life.

“Well, I don’t worry,” she said.

Juanita was born in 1909 when the life expectancy was 46 years old. Today the life expectancy is 78 years old.